This first image was just a "spacy" idea conceived and structured into CyberSpace

4 examples of nail painting Jessica use to do, or did do. And I though... lets throw in an Earth
Check that Data...






Feb 15, 2013 | 8:13pm - 1st image of this Harveast Haul was added to the growing Image Archives.
Feb 16, 2013 | 10:07am - The last image of this bounty harvest had been added to the Archives.
Total count = 881 images totaling 885 megs
Resolutions: avg range = 2000 x 1000 up to 9750 x 6552 px




The Following are just a few of the 1000 of images I collected 1 day.
Early 2015 I was on the web doing what I do, looking for thingys.
Ain't got a clue what that day, just surfing maybe, and then I found...
a proverbial needle in a haystack; a series of FanBased Star Trek sites
I'm always on the look out for "image harvesting opportunities and WOW

For an old school SciFi buff of my "caliber" it was like finding free candy...
Like a line of candy stores of all kinds, flavors, and appeal. Several hours later
1000s of images, some stunningly detailed with resolution of over 6000px
Remember, we determined the Ipad at about 1100, the Laptop is 1366x768.



This is a 13 Layer Image build, scaled down for 4000px to 1920px
Point being; as I look at the image here, it looses it's "luster" being scaled down

This "image" is nothing more than me fussing around in Psp
using Layers and Images effects, techniques and maybe tricks.







The Following are Images from one of the sites I discovered that day
This is the Enterprise NX-01 - from the short-lived TV Series...
Enjoy if-you-will - and if you truly do, I would be willing to...
share more of the bountiful Harvest of that one Day 2015...



All images are scaled down but for a "bonus click" or 2





Be mindful of this view cause we are going to get a good look at it's insides
A "technical Illustration" view deep inside this Imaginary Vessel of the mind-of-man.





ooooooo, a Bonus click.. Oh boy, Oh boy,
where to I click, where do I click...

Do you really need or even want to see this Image
Scaled closer to it's original size...
like with even my Monitor, it spills over the edges.

Maybe I should Ask! Do you even know what you're looking at?


Hint 1: it's the Bridge of the First StarShip with Warp Drive



Enterprise NX-01 - Deckplans - sheet-6 croped





Had this thing for a while on this one Graphic Concept for a panel Gauge for the Flight Sim,

A Purple one at that, Go figure huh....


Enterprise NX-01 - Deckplans - sheet-10 croped










This is labeled as the Vessels Planetary Sensor Array

Enterprise NX-01 - Deckplans - sheet-31 cropped

By now you should be able to make out tables, chairs, sinks








This is the Vessels Forward Starboard Torpedo Room

Enterprise NX-01 - Deckplans - sheet-15 cropped





The following Image you saw earlier, do you figure out what it was of....

Enterprise NX-01 - Deckplans - sheet-28 cropped

It's the forward parts of the Starboard Nacelle






This is Deck E Impulse Rockets

Enterprise NX-01 - Deckplans - sheet-15 cropped









Well. I thought that was a pretty nice
eye-Candy showing of some interesting
and well illustrated SciFi flavored Images