This first image was just a "spacy" idea conceived and structured into CyberSpace

4 examples of nail painting Jessica use to do, or did do. And I though... lets throw in an Earth
Check that Data...










The Following set of ImagePlates are Screen Caps of thumbnail views
These are my versions of artistic CyberSpace painting, I'm guessing..
Each project Image is a collage of many layers of thingys & stuff
Directories as far back as 2010

I guess some of this might even be called abstract art if "art" at all, really!
Never really knew what I was doing, even today I don't know what the "goal" is
other than creative, with a lotta time, work and discovery, with amounts of amazment.
Computer Graphics Engeneering, Creating CyberSpace Constructs is what I'm calling it.



2nd set of Graphics worked back in 2010
I was busy pushing pixels back then fer sure.


And to think that some of these ImageComplex files are over 15 layers in structure






And it seems that during 2011 I was exploring "Natures" Growth, up close.





It was during 2012 that I starting working with texturing 3D models, airplanes for the Flighht Sim Game



By the end of 2012 I was well into designing my own textures for some of the Game's 3D modeled Aircraft.
I was also learning how to reverse engeneering panel guages and create my own idea of "insturmwents" to deliver Bible Studies.
Why not catch a fine Toipical Bible Study while on one of those RealTime Cross County Aitline Flight, with all the fixins
Audio coming in over the Comm and a kneeboard to deliver the Study in video, and Bible Verses too
The Flight Sim Game after those days would never be the same




During 2013




Had this thing for a while on this one Graphic Concept for a panel Guage for the Flight Sim,

A Purple one at that, Go figure huh....







No biggy here, nothing to see.... move along.... move along....

When Models that are textured using Bumpmap & normals the go 3D looking

Like the stone foundation on this Model, fully textured it looks real 3D in the Simulator







A time past, working a Terrain Projects for the Flight Sim Game...

the last date stamp on this Project's Workings here is 01-11-2013
Whole lotta work doing this kind of Artistic Development...
Making terrain textures and "bumpmaps" to give 3D look...

Can you locate the Farm Land of our youth???

The 1st of these 3 images is derived from "Elevation Data" collect by Satellites...
It is then converted into a type of Data that is able to give 3D surface information...



The 2nd of these 3 images is "Elevation Data" collect by Satellite displayed in colors





This 3rd images speaks for itself right!... Well, okay, it doesn't speak
but it is a Satellite Image of Cl;arklake

Now you see the Farm





















I don't know but I horsed around with this Artist's creation;

a technical scamatic of Star Trek Universe Concept Vessel.

I worked a single image into 13 Layers of Image minipulated

EyeCandy, delicious, reguardless of what it actualy "represents"

You should see this Jewl of an Image in all it's detail & Color mix..

And then I come across it on a site Library whiule doing an Image search.
Not even sure what the Projects were I was dooing but this one of 1000
thaty I have view during this one Project, over a number of scattered day
was indeed a "jewl" of only a few In tthe "eyes" of what I see as...... WOW

You should see this jewel, the "original" in full Resolution. Found this in 2014
during a search, for whatever it was I was search then, it was SciFi I know.