The Following are a few Screen Caps of the active html Prj.
Given the Project name Stellar Study Embed Cruiser

This is a continuation of a set of Projects all based in html
Conceived, designed and build for me to have kewl stuff
hehehhehe , actiually I wanted other "Environment" for
Studying the Bible with Shepherd's Chapel

This is one of those "more involved" Projects.
This one has lots of functionality:

these "screen caps" show you knowthing of that,
all the bells and whistles and dohickies

Scroll down a bit to get started.
this first page is an overlay
to be studied so you can
use the site, right?

after all you gotta know where to click
Yes Doris I like complcated things
That way I have an excuse...
for anything,



and be sure to take a little time cause on the actual site this is all you're
ever going to see unless you know where to place that First click

I made it easy inthat this is not the website but just some images of it.
























Had this thing for a while on this one Graphic Concept for a panel Guage for the Flight Sim,

A Purple one at that, Go figure huh....












the last date stamp on this Project's Workings here is 01-11-2013



This 3rd images speaks for itself right!... Well, okay, it doesn't speak
but it is a Satellite Image of Cl;arklake

Now you see the Farm


















And then I come across it on a site Library whiule doing an Image search.
Not even sure what the Projects were I was dooing but this one of 1000
thaty I have view during this one Project, over a number of scattered day
was indeed a "jewl" of only a few In tthe "eyes" of what I see as...... WOW

You should see this jewel, the "original" in full Resolution. Found this in 2014
during a search, for whatever it was I was search then, it was SciFi I know.