The Following set of Screen Caps of the active html Prj.
This was of the first html Projects that was quite involved.
This Project has 100s and 100s of total hours invested.
A big bonus to this project was the learning involved.
Because of this Conceived Project back in 2015?
with all the work; planing, designing & building
I was able to develop even more involved and
fuctional html constructs:
one of my buzzWords































Had this thing for a while on this one Graphic Concept for a panel Guage for the Flight Sim,

A Purple one at that, Go figure huh....







the last date stamp on this Project's Workings here is 01-11-2013
Whole lotta work doing this kind of Artistic Development...
Making terrain textures and "bumpmaps" to give 3D look...





This 3rd images speaks for itself right!... Well, okay, it doesn't speak
but it is a Satellite Image of Cl;arklake

Now you see the Farm


















And then I come across it on a site Library whiule doing an Image search.
Not even sure what the Projects were I was dooing but this one of 1000
thaty I have view during this one Project, over a number of scattered day
was indeed a "jewl" of only a few In tthe "eyes" of what I see as...... WOW

You should see this jewel, the "original" in full Resolution. Found this in 2014
during a search, for whatever it was I was search then, it was SciFi I know.