A Project to further the learning in Modeling in Blender and "modding" into Farming Simulator 2013
This is, as and like most of my "projects", ever developing with intertesting smounts of "time"

This is a well into the projects "revisit" and the "textures" got lost
an interesting thing to learn in this line of Play, Directory Paths to the Produt, the file...










The Windows Project - the Transparency Quest
Now, here is a picture worth a lot od words, actual good looking "Transparent" Window
Easer than it ssounds but harder than it looks - play on words.












Just a quicky of the model coming back in for a little rework
and I'm gona code out a few pards for anopther Project...




And here comes an Interior View of what's coming in for a ReWork, like rven a "remodeling"
People do it all the time to their homes don't they... so whats wrong with me doing it to mine ....







And if you R-Click you can get a larger view of this one, I left it in it's original ScreenHunter ScreenCap: 1920x1080


Oh boy... OH boy...

a Closeup view











No biggy here, nothing to see.... move along.... move along....

When Models that are textured using Bumpmap & normals the go 3D looking

Like the stone foundation on this Model, fully textured it looks real 3D in the Simulator






Not the small file list on the Right, that's some of the structure's parts with yummny textures on them






Soooo you're wondering what the heck is that above this comment.....

well, what does it look like

It's all Imaginary on some level






But below is the "texture Set" used on the Peyton's Place Cottage Model




And tpo think there are 100s and 100s of screen caps of many, projects of many "flaviors"

a Big ol Sand box