This Project I wanted to make the "key" homestead house Model of the Farming Sim game over 4 versions or more from 2013
Never could walk inside this very lovely looking "Model" of a house from the outside; so I gave it an interior

this "shop birdhouse project" helped to further the learning Modeling & testing in Blender
This "Texture Map" is a rebuild, modified and added to from the original textures

This little projects has most likely 20 or 30 hers of solid logged time working on








Follow are a few of the "Texture Map" that I call
created for Scripture Study projects.



This is a "carry forward" Project from my Flight sim days back in 2012
it was during or after the Shepherd's Chapel airing of the Genesis Book Study that I...
I got motivated to get creative again, this time engeneering a Bible Study for during flights.

The following Image Plate is one of 3 "flavors" of the Lessons:
1 for the Boeing Instrument Panel, and ABus and a Lear Jet.


I also have used some of these "very many hours" of
Design and Development Image Plates
in some of the html/webpage Projects.


Bear in mind now if-you-will are ..
conceived, designed and constructed...
from the mind-of-man, this one, me, okay


To God, my Creator is who it's for
It's for His Pleasure
He will provide the bricks
IF we will build it



After Genesis 3 I stopped with the developing the last 3 Books of this Project
Way to much time needed to finish such a project, all for just my pleasure
By this time I had enough Aircraft for the MS Flight Sim X Game

I could choose from any number of airplanes in the game and...
get a Bible Study in during those long flight. hehehe

Remember, it's all in our Imagination



This last example here is of a few "Concept components" as I call them
and 2 Plaque Plated for the Bible Study Barracks I built for Farming Sim






Following are a few other sample Screen Caps

Texture Map I've created for other projects.


This is a "R" Click to View at 1920 Rez





This is a "R" Click to View at 1920 Rez





Consider this....

Let's take some of those goodies, thingys and 3D and...

make a virtual landing zone for a good-ol get-together Study...
One thing is for sure though... that would get old fast, right!
Same ol images on the screen, you wanna scream, right!
Same ol image Plates & Plaques, verse after verse..., right!

You ever wonder what kind of mind-of-man would dare...
dare to share,... share what isn't even theirs... well the "gift" is

It is written that our "gifts" those thing given ONLY by God.
No, not just any God, but the One, 4 letters will get it done...








So lets have a looksy at a few other ....

moments of time in the evolution of ...

a Project of Delivery for only One 1st!













Oh boy... OH boy...

a Close-up view

of something






This is not my work by no means, far beyond my talents & time, it's of a "find"

Back in 2015 during a period of time when I was working on SciFi Lightwave Project
I was online looking to add to my SciFi Image collection Archives I'd been building,
and came across a few very intreresting Star Trek Fan Sites, looking for texture.
What ended up happening that day, a good part of that day, was pulling images.

From 1 site I pulled almost a 1000 Images, and Doris, if you are a "true"
Star Trek fan, the oldies, even you would have had a field-day on this
one site alone. It was almost overwhelming the amouts of "fanbased"
and created, Star Trek stuff. infact I think I read on one site that
the Star Trek Franchise or some part of it used somer to the
Technical Manual the some of the folks created, go figure.

As for the above Image I have over 40 of this flavor of Illustration.
Hats off to the Artist who did this "style" of Graphics - gorgeous work.
I Collect about 20 or so large resolution Images of this kind detail.
It seems to be a project thay were doing with the Enterpries 10X
From the Star Trek Show "Enterprise" a number of years ago.






































































Soooo you're wondering what the heck is that above this comment.....

well, what does it look like

It's all Imaginary on some level






Following are a few other sample of "working" designing and creating Graphics

These Graphics thought are not the 3D models but for 2D

Better said, for website projects I've conceived...

In the mind-of-man was seen...

and so it was, a big screem

it became...





This is a "R" Click to View at 1920 Rez









Below is what you see when you "link/ embed a video from youtube
and the account the video was associated with ends

the "connected" invisable link is no more


Follow is what your computer screen might look like if your "device"
that is, your home Computer with it's big screen (1920x1080)
had you been given access to this Limited access website.

This is an ongoing "quest" project and this is but
one example of 1 concept Idea of what I call a...

Message Delivery System.

Just wait till you see these
"website" projects as I do

active, detailed, fuctional, entertaining
eductaional, edifying and perty to look at.

Well maybe not the video parts
those are for learning
I'm talking about the vessel.


This is a "R" Click to View at 1920 Rez








and a preview of whats to come for those of us that.....

well, know how to get the curtains open, I forgot where I put the "click"




This Image would become a Center piece of an "html Construct"
a website Concept I started on about 5 years ago; 08-2015.

A whole lotta html web workins, design and a lotta time
and some creative java scripting with texture workins

The Project is call "Orbital Observation Station"
don't know what was in the mind of the artist
but that's a very nice piece of Concept Art.

Moments after discovering this image...
a webpage concept was conceived...

Imagine an active webpage were this
image is a functional "station" of sorts
Think SciFi fans and what they might
ponder knowing it's an active website
one with lots of bells, whistles & clicks
I'm sold, so where do I sign and where
do I send my monthly subscription check!

What this Image became is part of a larger
Project idea that seems to have been in
the creative region of the brain for a while.

I call the Project:
The Theater html Construct

the above image is it's original look.

I looked back over the work I did on the building
of the website around this image, the Idea I had.
Quite stunning, even now, very functional too.
Even though it's just a prototype test Idea.

Some of the best html EyeCandy I've done,
Just wait till one day you can see it,
I mean go to the website and use it.

Must have requirements:
It only works for 1920 x 1080
PC Viewing Monitors only


I looked back over the work I did on the building
of the website around this image, the Idea I had.
Quite stunning, even now, very functional too.
Even though it's just a prototype test Idea.




Well that's about it for this down scrolling Image page