Crime and Punishment


This essay I cannot support biblically, it is a Me-ism and is just my opinion on things. So please do with this as you wish. However, I have to say that as we move through time we are fast becoming one of the most governed societies in the history of the world. By this I mean that because of the computer age that we live in big brother can see into the most intimate aspects of our lives and litigate and legislate everyone into one little cubbyhole. Personally, I think that we have so many laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations that no one is fully in compliance with every law, ordinance, rule and regulation no matter how hard they try. It is sort of like our laws have made us all criminals.

Hereís what I mean more precisely, if the law is to hard for the common man to understand then the law is to hard understand. Now I realize that our society is a little more complicated than Israel at the time of Moses. And that along with the Ten Commandments came another few hundred rules of conduct. But still the laws where not to hard for the common man to understand and deal with. That is one problem that we have in our society in regards to the law.

Another problem is that we have turned prisons into an industry in this country to our shame and detriment. Industries feed on growth. One way to create growth in a prison industry is to make lots and lots and lots of laws governing our personal behaviors. Which you have to do if individuals wonít take responsibility for their own actions and being.

Now Iím going to use drugs as an example because I have read statistics that indicate that upwards to 60% of all people in jail are in jail for some drug related charge. Drugs are probably illegal because the alcohol industry and pharmaceutical companies wanted a monopoly on how American get their buz. Many of our elected officials have or do use drugs, including Clinton and presidential candidate George Bush. I donít know how these men can allow people to go to jail for years and years for what they themselves do or have done. Anyway, it seems to me that for centuryís marijuana and other drugs were not illegal, but in this century they are. Perhaps to create prisoners for an industry, I donít know? However, why not legalize the drugs, control them through a liquor store type of business setup, tax the daylights out of it and then crack down on the crime around it.

We need to put the money we spend on incarceration into education instead. Teach our young that it is wrong and you have won. However, the other side of the coin is we need to also teach them that if they do choose to go that way that we will not help with any medical costs, job lose or whatever. A hundred year's ago opium, pot and cocaine were legal. You could buy these things right across the counter. But here was the deal, if you succumbed to the addiction you were on your own. Alcoholism, drug addiction, it didnít matter, if you lost control of your life you lost control. If you committed an armed robbery because of your addiction, no one looked at the addiction and gave you special consideration, you went to jail and you dried out in the jail if it didn't kill you. If you got 20 years oh well, you got no medical treatment nothing. No one looked at your addiction and gave you special treatment if you killed someone while addicted. You got hung whether straight or sober. If you went through withdrawal or got the DTís while in jail, oh well.

My point is that we should let adults do what they want to do and we should let them pay their own way if they have problems. Do you want to smoke tobacco? Smoke your brains out and understand that the state and society at large will not assist you in your illnesses. If you become an alcoholic, you are on your own. If you choose drugs and become addicted then there is no help for you that you canít provide for yourself. Which means you better have insurance and family that will stick by you or you die in the gutter. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, it doesn't matter, "Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do, and does not do it, to him it is sin." James 4-17. Why should society as a whole pay for the deliberate sin of your heart.

By doing this we have freed up 60% of our prison system, cut cost and given ourselves the space we need to keep the really serious criminals behind bars. This idea would of course put one of the fastest growing industries in the country off track. But we would have let adults make their own decisions and take direct responsibility for their actions too. After all, do we really care what a man or women do in their own home. So letís control the actions we do care about.

Distributing drugs or alcohol to children should bring life in prison, but then so should child abuse, child rape, child neglect, sexual molestation and other crimes against children.

We should also make sentencing of criminals a lot easier to understand. Jeb Bush is advocating something I wrote to the papers 10 years ago. His new 10-20-life thing. That is a variation of an idea I had years ago. Actually, my idea is that we only give out 5 sentences in this country for felonies. I think they should be 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, life, or death. For instance, your first burglary should get you 5 years, your second should get you 10 and the third should be 15 years. So if you are convicted of 3 burglaries in your life you will have served 30 years in jail. Then we can make it interesting by saying that if you use a gun in a crime you will get life and if the gun is discharged in the crime you get death. If someone is hurt or killed in the commission of a crime you get the death penalty no matter how they got hurt or killed. Then lets define crimes for what they are. Stealing is stealing is stealing, no matter whether you rob a bank or embezzle from a bank it is stealing, first offense 5 years. Shoplifting as a first offense will get you 5 years and so on. Second offense for stealing 10 years and so on. Murder is murder is murder, death is the only sentence allowed.

God gave us Ten Commandments and if you think about it if we stuck to those and called a spade a spade, we wouldnít need a whole lot of other laws to determine right from wrong.

I donít think that we should try to control a personís personal life to much of a degree except where their behavior becomes harmful to someone or someoneís property. We are all going to answer to God and teaching children that they will stand before The Judgement Seat of God and be held accountable to the Lord God Almighty is far more important

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