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New Orleans - Kitrina - BP Oil Spill - Lockerbie Bomber

Now what would all of these perhaps have connections to?


SIN, the lack of repentance, the USA's continued attack on God and His subtle rebukes.


The past:

Mardi Gras in New Orleans had become not much more than cesspools of SIN, a filthy orgy of Lusts & Self-serving Pleasures.

IMO God is FED UP with our DISOBEDIENCE to blatant SIN and Mardi Gras is but a blazing example of lustful sins.

I have come to believe and know (IMO) that God will "remove" His hands of protection from around us at times for rebuke & correction as it pertains to our SINs.

Hurricane Katrina is a very fitting example of God stepping back from His disobedient children, removing His "undeserving" hand of protection, allowing for rebuke & correction. IMO God allowed "nature" (Hurricane Katrina) to "cleanse" this cesspool.


We now come to the present and the BP Oil Spill:

After the Katrina cleansing what did the clueless and others proclaim?
They proclaimed that they would "Rebuild" Mardi Gras (in a word) and make it better. Now ain't that just dandy, take a cesspool of SIN and make it a better cesspool of SIN.


God will not be mocked.

Now we have the BP Oil Spill, how fitting can this be, if a cleansing isn't going to bring the people to repentance then leave them to their own devices. Soil the whole area with "crude" and now this time with increased economic calamity and potentially much longer-lasting.
Sadly most, 8 or 9 out of 10 will not get it, they haven't a clue and will be left to their own devices.


How interesting the BP oil spill and the "sin debt" relationship to the Lockerbie Bomber.

As many of us know by now, they're are strong allegations that BP had cut a multi-billion dollar oil deal with Libya, “Blood for Oil”. To those that recognize Truth it's been pretty much confirmed that the Lockerbie bomber was "set free for oil"

How fitting, in-lieu of this revelation, that BP's chickens have come home to roost, so-to-speak.
BP committed egregious SINs with it's thirst for riches. They made a deal with Satan, trading spilled, innocent american blood for money, securing a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal with Libya and look where it got them.
They are directly responsible for the worst oil (black crude, gold that is) spill in Americas history and the first of its kind in over 60 years of drilling in the Gulf and it is costing them dearly on many fronts and most likely will far out-weight the "gains" from the deal with Libya.


God works in mysterious ways.

I am intrigued by the way our Lord works to bring us to awareness of our SINs and then to repentance for correction and the following set of events sure seems to have validity to meet this end.
What say you?


Lockerbie Bomber welcomed home after only 8 years of a life sentence





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