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Terri Schiavo
Some, like her estranged husband, the Florida court, the Lawyer of her husband, some in congress, and yes, some of you want her dead, irregardless of what her family wants and their feelings and how they are suffering while their daughter starves to death. No it's really not about Terri, its about God showing us our own hearts. About God revealing to each of us where our hearts truly are.

The Question posed on the FNC was: Who's decision should it be in the Terri Schiavo case.

I replyed to the question as follows:

It is Gods' decisions alone when she will die, and who's hearts He will touch to bring about His will, it is not man's.

We the people are being tested again so that God may show us where our hearts stand as a nation.
God removes cancer from a persons body at His will as so it is with life its self.

We had a test a few years ago with money and morality..., we failed. As a nation we were more concerned with the money in our pockets than the morality within the highest office of our Nation being defiled, as it was when Clinton, a married man, had sexual relations with someone other than his wife and then lied about it to the whole Nation. He lied to save himself. And the nation as a whole seemed to have little problem with this, that the President of the United States, Gods' blessed Nation, would lie before the whole World, breaking several of the Major Commandments. We, as a Nation seemed more concerned about our booming economy and it's current President than the moral standing of that President. We all know what happened by failing this test, the Icons of our financial institution was taken down by evil. God did nothing more than remove a wee bit of the undeserved protection He has over our Nation and Evil took its course. Over 3000 died in that failed test.

We are again, IMHO, being tested by God, that we may know even clearer where our Hearts stand on this, another moral issue.
I believe It is Gods' decisions alone to take life, not mans. Nothing man can do is outside of God's authority.
This is another of the many test we will be given was we are being prepared.
God is listening to our hearts and prayers and reveling to us and themselves, those who stand against our God given rights to life, too reveal within each or our own hearts where we stand.

IHS (In His Service)


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