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WTC Attack
An opinion as to why the WTC (World Trade Center) was attacked

A few years ago the Icons of our financial institution was attacked. I have heard many reasons as to why this happened however I have yet to hear an opinion like the one that follows here.

We had a test a few years ago, yes, a TEST. I believe we were tested by God on the issues of money and morality,... and we failed the test. What was observed in the latter years of the Clinton administration was that as a nation we seemed more concerned with the money in our pockets than the morality within the highest office of the land being defiled as it was when Clinton, a married man, had sexual relations with someone other than his wife and then lied about it to the whole Nation. He lied to save himself, totally disrespecting the office he was entrusted to uphold under God, and the nation as a whole seemed to have little problem with this, morally taking a back seat to money.

I believe we have lost our moral footing, we seem unaware of just how morally corrupt our nation has become or even if God would do anything about it. We seem to just take it all in stride, looking the other way in the face of sin and accepting all the garbage that is serves up for us to consume. Not thinking there's a problem at all with this line of acceptance of sin. I believe though that God does have a problem with this and that this moral corruptions has gone on long enough. Its not ok for the President of the United States to defile the Presidency of Gods' blessed Nation then lie about the sin before the whole World. Breaking Commandment after Commandment and thinking their wouldn't be consequences is just foolish and we failed by not holding the President accountable and removing him from office as should have been done.

We, as a Nation seemed more concerned about our booming economy and it's current President than the moral standings of that President. And we all know what happened by failing this test of money & morality, the Icons of our financial institution was taken down by evil. Evil is everywhere present just waiting for an opportunity to manifest itself. God did nothing more than remove a wee bit of the undeserved protection He holds over our Nation and Evil took its course. Over 3000 died in that failed test.

IHS (In His Service)

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