From: "???"
To: "anyone"
Subject: Would you believe??? THEY'RE MARCHING IN DOWNTOWN CHICAGO.....

The Silent Minority is no longer silent!!!!! 

Right  in Obama's back yard!!
I'm more proud of the folks  in the windy city, than I thought was ever possible!
By the way, I didn't see the ABC CBS NBC CNN MSNBC  covering this - did you?    Wonder why..?????
Those  who have visited Chicago will  recognize the downtown area. 

Love read my lipstick: )

Redistribute my work ethic

The  Axis of Taxes : 

Love this one

boy this one is good too

close  to # 1

E-mail and pass this around…keep it going…

Let the country know the backlash has started
and we can't afford Obama or  his CHANGE!!!