Colossians 1: 15-17 And He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For in Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities all things have been created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

Genesis 1: 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

It is interesting to note that in all of the years since the Scopes Monkey trials that evolutionary theory has been revised over and over again.  Creation theory has never changed since the beginning of time.  Every time creationists point out the flaws in evolutionary theory the evolutionists change the theory to create an argument for their view.  Creationists do not change.  Yet we now call evolution science fact. Still no missing links, still no proof and still unable to recreate any part of evolution in a laboratory environment.  So to bring us to a starting point lets note that evolution is as much a leap of faith as creation.  For instance the ultimate climax of the argument is the question: where did God come from and the other end of the question is where did the material for the big bang come from?  Creationist say God always existed and evolutionist say the matter of the big bang always existed. In other words both require incredible leaps of faith.  So at this point we have a tie.  Except that creation theory never changes and evolutionary theory changes to meet the needs of the scientist of the moment.

Now lets discuss in brief the downside to evolutionary theory.  First and most difficult is to define life itself.  Scientist canít even give a comprehensive definition of life.  What is life? The reason they canít even define life is because life makes no sense.  Life is a gift from God.  We are given life by the word of God, and the Word of God sustains life and the breath of God snuffs it out.  Life itself makes no sense on a scientific level.

Now lets talk about some of the "stupid" aspects of evolution.  First thing I notice is that according to evolutionary theory the universe began with a big bang and then over billions of years life came forth.  In my brief stay on this planet I have never once witnessed an explosion that was creative in nature.  Every explosion I have ever seen is destructive.  Life as I know it has never come from an explosion.  The other thing is that as the cosmos formed and cooled, a primordial soup developed and at some point a massive jolt of energy struck the soup and life accidentally began.  Again I have never witnessed lighting being creative in nature.  As a matter of fact lighting and or massive amounts of energy being released all at one time seems to be destructive in its nature.  If it were true that the right chemicals in the right combinations being jolted by enough energy could create life then it seems to me that life would be easy to create.  All we would have to do is take a dead body (the right chemicals in the right amounts) and zap it with lightening or the right amount of electricity and viola we should have life.  But when you take a dead body and zap it with enough energy you get a burned dead body.

Those are a couple of the absurd aspects of evolutionary theory.  Another is the aspect of time.  I have read that our universe is about 9 billion years old and that to effect one change in a species takes millions of years.  If that is true then the shear number of life forms and the diversity of life here would surely indicate that there has not been enough time to develop such a vast array of life here on Earth.  For instance there are millions and millions of different species of bugs on the planet.  There are millions and millions of different kinds of one celled animals and bacteria and viruses here.  We havenít even begun to look into the other kinds of life here on this planet.  Plain and simply, there has not been enough time for all of this to evolve here.  Creation is the only possible answer.  Our planet is not nearly as old as evolutionists believe and it was created for the most part just as you see it.

Real briefly, lets just think about the mechanism of evolution, mutation.  I saw a special on television a few months ago about the mutations of various frog species across the country in recent decades.  For years we have believed that the dumping of toxic waste into their environment was causing these mutations.  It has been recently discovered that these mutations are actually caused by parasites found in the frogs.  This is interesting in that it was noted that these mutations have resulted in the near extinction of many species and sever crippling of others.  My point is that here is the actual mechanism of evolution at work before our very eyes and it has not once resulted in the advancement of a species.  It has actually done the exact opposite and caused the near extinction of species.  Whether chemically induced by man or placed on a species by nature the result was not evolution of a species but the de-evolution of a species.

With that said, lets call a mutation by its real name.  We call such things birth defects or deformities.  We spend millions annually to fight these things in our own and other species.  Why?  Because we know instinctively in our hearts that no good comes from mutations, birth defects or deformities.  How on earth can we say that it is a scientific fact that this is the mechanism of evolution when in real life we know that no good comes from things mutating?   So it would seem to me that to have billions upon billions of birth defects work to the advantage of all the varieties of life on earth is preposterous.  It would seem to me that a gliding lizard would have to really, really want to change its arms to wings and feathers for such a birth defect to happen.  And while all of these really, really good birth defects are happening, does that leave us enough time to have all of the really, really bad defects happen too.  Makes no sense as far as I can tell.

In National Geographic some time back I read an article about a couple of sea turtles that were ten million years apart in evolutionary time.  The interesting thing was that the oldest turtle was the most evolutionarily advanced.  It sure looked like evolution had worked backwards, at least for that ten million years.  Again these are all things that just donít make since by any scientific standard yet evolution is taught as science fact in all of our schools.

No matter how you cut it both creation and evolution require tremendous leaps of faith.  However, just as our God is unchanging so to is the Creation Argument, whereas, the evolutionary argument is under constant revision and change If I am going to be asked to place my faith in something, I would much rather place my faith in that which has never changed. I place my faith with and in Jesus Christ.

I have not tried to create a comprehensive argument against evolution.  I simply want to spark thought and discussion. There are a lot of people who are better qualified to discuss this topic.  But as a layman and Christian, a man sealed by the spirit I wanted to point out the things that just donít make sense to me.  If I am going to make a leap of faith then I donít want to leap at a moving target, and evolution moves around an awful lot.  Iíll leap at the unchanging target.

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