In recent years I have seen so many bumper stickers that say WWJD. What would Jesus do? When it comes right down to it I don't know and neither do you. However, as a born again Christian I do have the Holy Spirit of God, The Comforter that Christ has given to guide and protect us. We also have the Word of God in the Scriptures. With that I would like to discuss several subjects that society at large, and Christians individually have been struggling with for some time now. Over the course of time we well discuss in essay form homosexuality, abortion, the war on drugs, gun control, various subjects regarding politics, crime and punishment and whatever may come up as the need arises.

To begin lets discuss homosexuality. In recent years homosexuality has raised its ugly head in America as in no other in history. Sodom and Gomorra did not demonstrate the evil and wickedness that the US has demonstrated and both of those cities were destroyed to the last brick. Reduced to rubble for refusing to turn from this horrible immortality. Later in the Old Testament we see whole towns and cities destroyed by the sword for the very same thing. My intent here is to re-establish that homosexuality is indeed a sin, a sin of grave consequence. Rome fell to this sin; empires have been completely ruined once they began to succumb to this sin. It is a sin!

Now lets address some of the more contemporary views of homosexuality that we are confronted with today. The most insidious being that some people are genetically predisposed to this "way of life". Number one, DNA has nothing to do with it at all. And for science to say that they have found in the gene code some sort of evidence that this is genetically encrypted and unavoidable for some people is ridiculous. Flip Wilson when in the character of Jeraldine used to say, "the devil made me do it." To say that one is genetically pre-disposed to one sin or another carries with it the same validity as the devil made me do it. Secondly, DNA has not even been mapped yet. I have read different articles that have given time frames for the mapping of DNA to be completed as early as 2006 and as late as 2025. That is just the mapping time frame. That doesnít even begin to account for the study and understanding of the map. Mankind has only begun to look into this science; to draw conclusions from the little bit of information that we have now is hardly scientific. It is nothing more than speculation. It is nothing more than sinners looking for excuses to continue in their sin. "The devil made me do it" is all that such conclusions are saying. One more attempt to explain why we should condone sin.

So let us look at other evidence that homosexuality is a sin of choice not of genetic make up. The book of Romans says that God has given them over to a depraved mind. Whether or not this constitutes some change in the physical body I donít know. But this I do know, every one of us makes choices. We choose when, where, how, why and with whom we have sex. If it were some sort of instinct then one could not make the choices that we just mentioned. Weíd be doing it in the street like the dogs. We are not dogs; we have choice in the matter. As long as there is choice it is sin.

Now the question for us is how should we respond as born again Christians? First I do not believe that we should seek out the sin. By this I mean if the unsaved are committing this sin in private away from the eyes of the world then we should not seek them out to expose them. However, once the sin is exposed we should take our stand. Individually we should admonish them for this sin and then offer them the plan of salvation, as Christ would have done. We give them the opportunity to turn from their sin and seek God through Christ. If that approach is rejected then we should adamantly let them know that this will not be tolerated around our families children our churches or us. There is nothing more to be done to save the sinner once God has given them over to a reprobate mind it is out of our control. Then we should wash our hands of the matter, being sure that the person knows we will defend our homes and churches with the same vigor Jesus defended the house of The Father. That is for individuals on a one on one basis in the community.

What about the work place? This is a particularly tough situation, simply because the federal government protects such sin and doesnít even acknowledge it as sin. (God help America in its sickness). So what do we do? If you are an owner of a business you must do the best you can to see that such people are not hired into your work place, being careful not to ask or say the wrong thing. If you suspect, donít hire. If you are sure, donít hire. But what happens if you do hire someone like that? Again the federal government protects people like that from "discrimination". Keep in mind that discrimination can work both ways. If someone is being overt and disruptive in the work place and you document this properly you can remove someone for causing problems. Of course our sole purpose here as Christians is to win the lost for Christ Jesus. We do that by being loving, kind and gentle. Antagonism and belligerence never won a single soul to Christ. If someone is keeping to themselves then there is no since in attacking or seeking out their sins. I guess one of the best ways to keep someone of that nature out of your workplace is to let it be known from the beginning that this is a Christian business and that the principles of Christ Jesus will be adhered to in the workplace. Of course you must then live the life, and walk the walk. You will not bring anyone to salvation if you condemn their sin and wallow in your own.

What if you are not the owner? What if you are just an employee? Before you throw stones you must be sure that your life is circumspect in all regards. If you are walking the walk then document, document and document. Write down dates and times, things said, innuendoes and so on. Present them to your boss and hope that he will be willing to help you. If he or she is not willing to take action then you too may use the legal system. Or and this may be an even better idea, leave and go find a more Christian environment to work in.

This is a very difficult situation because we live in a country that condones sin and even encourages it in a lot of ways and there are a myriad of situations that can arise. I canít cover each and every scenario in one short essay, but if you have a situation you can write and ask for our opinions. We will be glad to give you our opinion and help as the scriptures direct. Above all pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that has been given to all who are saved.

Dina's Dad

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