The information presented within this "on-line" site is for private use only, it is NOT for public consumption.

This "on-line" version of our Biblical Studies site is to only be accessed by invitation and is password protected.
Most of the information herein is data collected via research and is/was collected "on-line" - on the web.
I am not the author of the information/data/opinions/viewpoints (text/audio/video) herein unless it is so noted.


What, Why, How,
What we do - We research, review, study Biblical information found on-line that is available to the public for public consumption.
Why we do it - We do it for the purpose of enriching our studies experience, developing dynamic ways of access the information.
How we do it - We take the most factual & truthful articles (data) and "format" those html pages using Java, scripting and more.


We are and have been, since 1995, html developers & graphics designers
These html constructs are developed for the sole purpose of making our research & data much easier to access.
This allows us to pull together a wide range of various, related data of studies into one location with greater ease.
We chose to "enhance" our studies by utilizing our skills of Java, css, scripting & audio/video page development.


This is important to note:
The information we collect is the property of the respected authors, it is not ours unless so noted. Respect All Copyrights
We DO NOT alter the original text one iota, it is NOT ours to alter and is not the purpose of this work.

In most all cases we will have a link to the original article's source site.
You will be able to verify that the articles (original text) are NOT altered.
Our goal is to enhance the delivery of the information not to change it.

NOTED - We are adding an addendum to this page on 12-18-2015 - much of the "Nicky's Notes pages is of our work, aside from the Bible text.