The Story of ...
Predicated on Reasoned Truth
How it was, how it is and how it will be

This is THE Story of how we came to be, from the "beginning", (as best we can "reason") to where we are today, in this, the last generation, the fig tree generation. Jesus told us to learn the parable of the fig tree [insert BV(s)]
The "recorded" beginning of this story is from Genesis 1:2, NOT Genesis 1:1, though we will discover many facts & clues about that aeon woven through the Scriptures - From those first 2 verses of Genesis 1, when understood as they were intended to be understood, as they were instructed to be written by the Father, profound insight is gained, that when understood as they should be, will clear up many verses and topics throughout the Bible that had been and are mysteries to so many believers today, such as; what is the katabole, why was Satan, the Morning Star, cast from Heaven. In the verse, "let "us" make man in "our" image", who is the us and our, was the "man" made on the 6th day the same Adam as we read of in Genesis 2 verse 7, and where did Cain get his wife, the real Truth. What actually does happen to "us" when we die.

As one studies the Bible they often come across verses and even topics that they seem to understand and thus put little additional though into them, such as we find in Genesis 1:2; "and the earth was without form and void;"
Do this, take that word "was" and change it to "became" - Now that changes the whole context of the verse doesn't it. Not only is this a fact of Genesis 1:2 , it is very provable in the Scriptures, AND when it is "reasoned" in your mind, understood, and accepted as the Truth that is it. Your reasoning will begin to mature and understanding of the Scriptures will increase, profoundly over time. For a sample of "truth" about what you just learned in Genesis 1:2, that the earth "became" void and was not "created" void, have a read of Isaiah 45:18 - This but a fraction of "new" truths you will discover in this, The Story of... There is one caveat however, it is ONLY the Father, our Creator that gives us the "eyes to see and ears to hear" thus allowing us to understand and know Truth. Their are those that can and do read the Bible over and over again and still have not understanding, God tells us about these "types" of His children and they are everywhere today, teaching and preaching lies and untruths in pulpits throughout the world in this generation. - Amos 8:11, the famine of the endtimes is for Truth, understanding God's word, not food.

So let us start with this in our Story, what did happen way, way, back then that caused the earth to "become" void and formless, note in Genesis 1:28, when God made mankind he was instructed to "replenish" the earth.
The word used to discribe the event that led to Genesis 1:2 is called the katabole, the overthrow. This was a time long, long ago when we resided in our first estate, heaven and in our angelic, spirit bodies,[insert BV(s)] before when Satan rebelled

z 2 Timothy 2:15 z

Daniel 12:4 & 9.


Tell the story then back it up with the Holy Scriptures
Why was there such carnage on Friday the 13th 2015 in Paris France that November day - ISIS has taken responsibility for the attackers - Many are asking WHY yet that answer evade them all - For most, the answer is beyond their understanding for only God Himself chooses who has "understanding" - Of all His children in any given generation few have been chosen as the vessel of flesh to hold mystreies of deeper Truths of Scriptures where ALL things that exist under the sun and man can be answered.

Why such disdain for the Zionist, the Jewish peoples, the Christian.
Think about this, these savages continually shout out Ala Akbak as if giving "God" the parse and thanks as the murder the innocence - They are indeed giving thanks to their "god" and their god is the god of this world, in this dispensation of time, this aeon, the 2nd earth age. God Himself named that god and it is Satan and he has and will "rules" this world untill the return of Christ at the end of this generation, the generation of the fig tree, Jesus told us to learn the Parable of the fig tree for to do so would give great insight asto things of these days.

When Satan fell from heaven during the 1st earth and heaven age,
known to man as the overthrow, to some, the katabole, he drew 1/3 of all of Gods children with him in deception. We, or at least our "true" selves during that 1st age were souls in our spirit bodies. In and we were all, that is to say, every human to have ever existed




II Timothy 2:15